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Krabi has a number of sights that are touted as required viewing, but while a pleasant way to spend your time, none of these are must sees. Stay on the beach and relax, take a boat trip to snorkeling sights, or join the rock climbers on the cliffs at Railay.

Just outside the Felix Phra-Nang Resort, across from the songtao stop, long-tail boats wait to take you out to nearby islands, with scenery similar to the limestone outcroppings at Phangnga, 85km (53 miles) to the north. Although Phangnga is of equal appeal, the water and area around Ao Nang is considerably cleaner, and less crowded. Look for the sign that says Ao Nang Long Tail Boat Club. Scenic day trips for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing at nearby islands cost 800B (US$18) for a half-day, 1,500B (US$34) for a full day, or between 200B and 250B (US$4.55-US$5.70) for an island drop-off and pickup. Rent snorkel gear from any of the tour operators along Ao Nang for 50B (US$1.10) per day.

There are some dive operators, but it's a better idea to save your money and time for Ko Phi Phi or Phuket--from Krabi you'll have to travel farther to reach the better sites.

If the limestone cliffs above Rai Ley take your breath away, imagine how incredible it would be to climb them. One of the top climbs in the world--even the pros look forward to this one--these cliffs have views of the sea and surrounds that are so unbelievable, you'll lose your grip. Better still, you don't have to be an expert to participate. King Climbers, 50m behind Ya Ya Restaurant on Ao Nang, offers a half-day intro course for 500B (US$12), a full-day course for 1,000B (US$23), and a 3-day course for 3,000B (US$68), all equipment included.

Okay, here's one for compulsive sightseers, or Ripley's Believe it or Not: The Shell Cemetery, otherwise known as Su San Hoi, is 17km (11 miles) from town in Ban Laem Pho. Is this a rare, 75-million-year-old petrified rock cliff composed of ancient seashells, or is it a slab of parking lot that broke off from the shopping area above? The best part of the visit here is that it's on the way to Ao Nang Beach.

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