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The powdery white beaches and enchanting crystal clear waters off the west coast of Koh Lanta entice tourists to this island

70 kilometers south of Krabi.

It is on the east side of Southern Thailand's Phang Nga Bay. It stretches for 27 kilometres in the north-south direction. A sinuous mountain range covered by virgin rain forests traverse Ko Lanta and natural beauty abounds.

The name Lanta is derived from a kind of rack (Lantan), that the people of the South used, to grill the catch that they regularly found in the waters off these islands when travelling along the Andaman Coast. 


Getting There
Eating Out

Koh Lanta has a population of approximately 20,000 people, who make their living on fishing, rubber farming and prawn breeding. Today many are working in the tourism industry.  The local trade, especially in Saladan is predominantly under the control of Thai's from Chinese descent.

The island can easily be reached by 2 car ferries that now operate from 6 am to 11pm most of the days. Some paved streets exist in the two villages but most roads are still unsurfaced.To get around Ko Lanta you'll have to rent a motorbike or car and this can be done at most resort counters. 

Make sure that you are familiar with the vehicle and test the front and rear brakes, the lights and horn. Drive with extra care when passing through or by villages and schools.

  Swimming suits and naked upper body are fine for the beach, but not the right attire for a drive through the local villages.

Since 1996 the island has been connected to Thailand's southern electrical grid and since 2001 to the telephone network.

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