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The best time to travel to Ko Lanta is from November to April. November is the coolest month of the year with day temperatures of 28 - 30. The night temperature is regularly 5 - 7 degrees lower.

The temperature slowly rises from November until May, in January, you can expect temperatures of 30 - 33 C, in April the temperatures will climb up to 35 - 37C. Occasional downpours are not rare.

The monsoon season lasts from May through to October with temperatures slowly declining to their lowest level in November. During this period, the sea is rough and swimming is not recommended. Most of the smaller resorts on the island  close down during this time as there are very few tourists around. Transport available will be  only by minibus from Trang and Krabi via car ferries.  Divingis not possible due to rough seas and insufficient visibility during this period.


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