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krabi.com - FAQ /Question & Answers to Transfer and Transport Service

Reservation Process

Could you define a krabi.com ticket please? How to order a transfer? Why should I provide my local or home phone number? Why should I use the Hotel Locator ? Can I book two different routes in one order? May I know krabi.com Transfer Service Terms & conditions please? I don’t understand your price table. How can I get a price quote? There is no price listed in your price list for my destination.

Pick Up

I cannot print the voucher to present to the driver; do I need to have a physical copy? Where will the driver wait for me? How will your driver identify himself?

Transfer selections

What destinations does krabi.com service? Do you Transfer to island piers only or also direct to hotels on Islands? Where can I find time tables for ferries & long tail boats? Do you have any policies on maximum luggage weight? Can you make an exception for my travel group in regard of persons and luggage?


What kind of service may I expect from your drivers? Do you provide a baby seat? Do you have special services while on the journey? Why should I prefer krabi.com taxis to other providers? Why is your Taxi Service more expensive than Catching a Cab on the roadside? krabi.com Service Statement ! What discounts can you offer?


Must I pay in full or deposit? Can we pay on arrival? What can I do if I cannot pay or make deposit online? How to make online payment (major credit cards and PayPal )? How to make offline payment (Bank transfer in euro and Thai Baht)? May I know the payment instructions for PayPal? What currencies can krabi.com accept for transfer payment ? May I know your refund policy? I have not found an answer to my question, where can I ask ?