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Koh Jam and Koh Pu ( Jam Island and Poo Island )

A large Muslim-populated island forming its own sub-district in Krabi. The population engages mostly in fishing, rubber cultivation and the local craft of cloth weaving. This last has become so well-known that Krabi province is famous for its cloth, called Pah Tor Koh Poo weven cloth. During the fair-weather months of dry season. passage to the island can be made by taking a boat from the Jao Fa pier in Krabi Town; when the weather is rainy, take a boat from Laem Kruad pier in Nua Klong District. Beach bungalows are available for overnight visitors.

Koh Sriboya ( Siboya Island )

This island lies not far from Jam Island and is likewise populated by Muslims engaged in fishing and rubber planting. The atmosphere is quiet and pleasant, perfect for unhurried holiday relaxation. Beach bungalows are available. During fair - weather months take the boat from Jao Fa Pier in Krabi Town ; in rainy season, leave form Laem Kruad pier in Nua Klong District

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