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Khao Kanab Nam

Rising straight from the blue waters to a staggering height of 100 metres, this hill is one of the outstanding natural landmarks to Krabi. And it is considered a symbol of Krabi.
A trip by boat for some 15 minutes from the town pier shall take you to the hill. A staircase to the top of the hill shall be really rewarding. There are caves with stalactites hanging from the roof. Centuries old Human skeletons have been recovered from here giving it an authentic stamp to the ancient civilizations in this region.

Susaan Hoi ( Shell Cemetery )

Located about 20 km from Krabi, and 17 km from the town of Ban Laem Pho, close to the Laem Pho village, this is one of the most outstanding natural phenomena. It is straight out of the Ripley's site, Believe it or Not !! There are only three such sites in the whole world and in Asia, this is the only one.
At first glance this may look like some slabs of concrete fallen from some invisible roof. The whole shore line has got huge boulders scattered around. In fact, it is graveyard of snail shells.

There was a large fresh water swamp in Ban Laem Pho some 75 million years ago when the swamp was full of snails. They lived and died here and eventually, layer upon layer of snail shells got accumulated. Global changes in weather obliterated the swamp and the snail shells got fossilized to some half metre thick lignite rock. Further natural upheavals of the terrain broke these into large impressive thick sheets and boulders and distributed them all around the sea shore of Cape Laem.

The cemetery is best observed at low tides and the extent of the fossilized remains is staggering. 

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