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To start business on the Phi Phi island, it is best to do all possible preparations before getting there. The main offices of most of the hotels and resorts are located on Phuket island. At Phuket, English or German translations of regulations are available. But business concerns need to get the actual authority to do business from the Krabi municipality.


Phi Phi Island is part of Krabi Province and hence comes under the jurisdiction of Krabi legal authorities. All legal work, contracts and paper-work must be processed in Krabi..


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There are no accountants with offices on Phi Phi island. Accounting, auditing and tax processing is done in Krabi town.

Real Estate

Very little land is for sale on the Phi Phi island. Most people buying in, rent existing businesses or premises.

Contracts made without a lawyer are valid for 3 years only regardless of the contents of the contract.


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